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Just a dream

is all I have

They call me 'Hey you'
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Want to be hugged?

Do you see these black eyeliner rimmed eyes
holding back the tears that you made me form
Do you see these crimson lips of mine
telling you how I feel
Do you see the pink flush in my cheeks
as you said you loved me
Do you see my painted fingernails
as I run them over your chest
Do you see the brunette color of my hair
as you whisper sweet nothings in my ear
Do you feel the silk of my lavender shirt
as you pull it over my head
Do you see the blue of your own faded jeans
as I funble with the zipper
Do you feel the red heat of the room
as things start to get hot
Do you feel the green cotton of my sheets
as your back is pushed against it
Do you feel my flushed skin
as you start to touch me
Do you feel the way I do
as we're almost done
Do you feel this color
as the rainbow starts to shine

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